Wham Bam Ibiza (PAL)

At very first glance, Wham Bam Ibiza, directed by Macondo, looks like a superficial fuck feast with an annoying Oliver Sanchez headlining it, but surprisingly the sex is excellent. Oliver Sanchez is almost as kooky as Nacho Vidal when he started. If you can get past, the in-your-face style of Oliver Sanchez, you will be treated to a hardcore delight with thorough anal scenes.

Running Length: ~ 2 hours and 7 minutes

Starring: Lady Mai, Claudia Rossi, Vanessa May, Anneka Duran, and Julie Silver

The movie is presented in widescreen and encoded in MPEG-2 with a range of 5-7 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the colors are vibrant and the fleshtones are for the most part accurate. There are several moments when you can see screen artifacts such as in the Julie Silver/Anneka Duran scene. However, the audio is flawless and the sex sounds aren’t muffled at any point in the movie.

Extras include an 8 minute BTS, three interviews with Vanessa May, Claudia Rossi, Oliver Sanchez, Bonus Lesbo Scene, photo gallery, and trailers. The BTS is boring since there’s nothing interesting to report. The interviews were a mixed bag since although I do like both Vanessa May and Claudia Rossi, they look extremely different, in a bad way, without make-up. They are asked the typical questions and if you want better in-depth interviews, you are better off with the Private Life Series from Private. The Oliver Sanchez interview is so-so and it doesn’t have the same visual clarity as the two prior interviews. Now, with regards to the bonus scene, it’s basically an extended veggie session from the last scene starring Vanessa May and Claudia Rossi. Finally, the photo gallery could utilize the widescreen real estate to better use instead of using a sizable amount to advertise Daring’s website.

First up is Lady Mai, this Pinay Little Brown Fucking Machine, who gets a very thorough anal fucking throughout. But, before then, Oliver and his friend help this pinay out of her whorist outfit complete with fishnet stockings. Lady Mai is built for fucking, but it’s very disappointing that she hasn’t used her income to fix her misaligned teeth. She fulfills their XXX-rated fantasies with her mouth sucking on cock while her ass takes a hard pounding. This is by far the most thorough Asian anal scene I have ever scene without a double penetration. Lady Mai is definitely built for speed and she doesn’t show any slowdown with the hard anal fucking! By scene’s end, she takes a cumshot inside her ass, which drips out of her tight butthole! This is a smoking scene that ends with Lady Mai pushing Oliver Sanchez into the water.

Next up is European veteran Claudia Rossi. She’s wearing an aquamarine swimsuit, but at the moment she has a buttplug in her before Oliver Sanchez gives her the real fuck stick. He begins very methodically fucking her ass, but then picks up speed. Like the good whore she is, she does ATM before taking it up her poopchute. The best moment is when she displays her deepthroating skills before taking it in the pussy, resulting in a cumshot all over her pubes! The scene’s not over yet since she takes his cock and cleans it dry! I must say that was a very good ending.

My favorite Euro-star is currently Vanessa May and her performance is what I would expect from this vixen. She’s wearing a two piece neon yellow suit with pink fishnet stockings. She crouches to suck on the two cocks in front of her. The action is hot, but I question the angles and the heavy editing in this scene. It looked to hurried and it could have been more. Needless to say, Vanessa May takes it all ways including a short DP. Finally, she lets them fuck her ass until they cum on her butt cheeks one-by-one.

The fourth scene is powered by two blonde chicks, Julie Silver and Anneka Duran, While Julie is an established star, I have yet to hear of Anneka Duran until this scene. This ia a little nasty then what I am accustomed to because there is a monster dildo that has to ruin the scene. Anyway, if you can look past that, you’ll be treated to very good deepthroating and very nasty anal since both ladies take it up the ass! Anneka enjoys the thorough double penetration while Julie pleasures herself with the monster dildo. In the end, Anneka takes a facial while Julie lets him cum inside her ass before perform post-coital sucking! It’s safe to say that Julie is as nasty as ever!

Lady Mai comes back for another scene, but this time she shares screen time with Anneka Duran. The pinay and blonde share some lady loving before the two have some cocks to suck and fuck on. There’s a whole lot of anal and deepthroat for the tiny Pinay. Clearly, Lady Mai is taking all the attention although Anneka holds her on. After the fucking, the guys unload their jizz all over their buttcheeks! Anneka gives a rather thorough post-coital sucking as well. If you are into cute and sexy Asians, you won’t be disappointed with Lady Mai’s scene.

The last scene stars the powerhouse combination of Claudia Rossi and Vanessa May. The brunettes are dressed in neon green and neon pink lingerie thereby carrying this neon theme throughout the enitre movie. As soon as Oliver Sanchez enters the scene, the two ladies know how to their man and it doesn’t take too long before Claudia uses her pro-sucking on him. Vanessa is not too far behind as she gets to suck on it too. There’s great chemistry between the ladies and it’s apparent that this is not the first time they’ve worked together. After the foreplay, he fucks both of them hard and raw both in the ass and pussy. Soon, the ladies extract his cum by giving explosive fellatio before he cums on their sexy faces! In the end, Claudia has a nice cum streak on her face!

In summary, don’t let Oliver Sanchez’s antics ruin the total experience as you will be treated to the hardest anal I’ve seen for a long time. It’s amazing that the petite Asian, Lady Mai, wasn’t split into two by the two guys! She definitely was a starring attraction in the movie where she ended up with two smokin’ scenes. Vanessa May, Claudia Rossi, and others bring up the rear, figuratively and literally speaking! This is well worth watching!

RATING: Highly recommended

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    • August 2nd, 2008

    Very nice!!

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