Roma I (PAL)

Acclaimed, former Private director Antonio Adamo finally gets to toot his own horn through Beate Uhse’s foray into the glamporn market, Daring Media Group. His first ambitious project for Daring is a Roman-inspired trilogy called Roma as you would have guessed. Adamo has not changed his winning formula, which garnered him praise in past years and that’s a good thing. Roma volume 1 is a good start to the trilogy although some may criticize that there are too many subplots introduced into the first part. The story is basically about Roman ambition and power caught up in a web of sex and treachery as well as deceit.

Running Length: 1 hour and 41 minutes

Starring: Daria Glower, Renata Black, Jennifer Love, Lydia St. Martin, Julia Taylor, Claudia Rossi, Josette Most, Lea Luxus, Emily Doll, and Yasmine Gold

The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 with a range of 2-3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Despite the low bitrate, the fleshtones were accurate as well as the colors. There are times when I thought the image quality could have been better, especially with the use of better lighting. Now, with regards to the audio, it is dubbed but what do you expect from European porn.

The extras are included on the second disc, which include a 29 minute BTS, a photo gallery, and trailers. The BTS is not very exciting, but it’s apparent that the studio set must have been very hot because the cast and crew are sweating like pigs. However, it was interesting to hear and watch Antonio Adamo discussing his projects for Daring Media Group. The photogallery is so-so because the pictures don’t make use of the widescreen format. Also, it’s important to note that there is a six-page booklet within the very well-executed DVD packaging with hardcore shots that mirror what Private Magazine used to be several years back.

Antonio Adamo decides to divide the first sex scene in half with Daria having one guy to herself while the Renata Black takes on two men. If you have seen Adamo’s earlier works through the Private-Penthouse movies, then this will harken you back to those days. Daria works her magic and ends up getting royally fucked in the pussy. The camera moves seemlessly moves between the two theaters of action. The young and able-bodied Renata Black makes most of her threesome, which results in the DP highlight. Either the studio was hot or the sex was intense for her or both because she’s all covered with sweat before she takes a cumshot to her body and another on her pretty brunette face of hers. Meanwhile, Daria takes a cum-dousing on her natural rack! It’s a great scene to start the movie.

Jennifer Love is a bleach blonde with a killer body as in curves in all the right places. Her beau pleasures her with the nimbleness of his tongue before she returns the favor using her luscious lips to wrap around his pulsating cock. Meanwhile, we get to see a picture of her firm ass while she has her lips on his cock. Soon, he’s having every way with her in multiple positions before pounding her tight ass! The scene ends with a cumshot to her face and stomach.

Lydia St. Martin, a passable MILF, is an odd choice for an Adamo film, but I guess he needs a sexy mama to play the wife of Cesar. It’s a good scene considering that Lydia is somewhat aged than the rest of the ladies in this movie. She does a good job giving fellatio before he takes her to town fucking her in different positions before fucking her ass in the doggie position. It’s nice to know that MILFs like to be as nasty as their younger counterparts. Finally, he jerks off onto her breasts. She cleans him up giving post-coital head! What a nasty mama!

What would a Roman themed movie be without a Roman-sized orgy! The Roman officials spend some time in the city’s famed brothel to taste and sample the hottest female commodities in the Western World. There’s a whole lot of action going on with some of the hottest women like Vanessa May and company displaying their sexual talents in every way! In fact, Vanessa May takes it anally as well as letting them do a DP on her. This orgy is a feast for the eyes, which ultimately ends with multiple loads of jizz on the women’s gorgeous faces!

Next up is Adamo’s favorite talent he likes to use, Julia Taylor. Ms. Taylor has graced a number of front covers for Adamo’s memorable Private-Penthouse movies. It’s nice to see that Julia Taylor has aged somewhat well and she delivers a no-nonsense performance including some great head as well as anal! In the end, like the good professional she is, she takes his cumshot in her open mouth and sucks away while the camera lingers on this hot action!

The penultimate scene has Claudia giving an emphatic blowjob-only scene. She’s slobbering on his cock, but I have to say her BJ technique was better in Wham Bam Ibiza. In the end, she takes the cumshot on her pretty face and sucks away!

Claudia Rossi isn’t done yet since she stars in the last scene of the first volume of this Adamo trilogy. It doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking away at his cock. He returns the favor with some nice cunnilingus before the actual intercourse starts. The sex has a nice pace to it unlike the gonzo full-throttle fuck videos. She also takes some anal before receiving a nice facial on her Slovak face of hers!

In summary, Roma 1 definitely has the Adamo style that I’ve come to known and like. There is a great deal of hardcore in the movie from double penetration, anal, deep throat, and facials, which should keep raincoaters somewhat engaged. The mini-stories or sub-plots may be too difficult to follow through since this is the first installment, but I am sure they will make sense in future volumes. With that said, this is worth to watch from beginning to end for raincoaters as well as viewers who like watching features.

RATING: Recommended

  1. September 28th, 2008

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