Vivid’s Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf, directed by Paul Thomas, has an unmatched storyline with a couple of unexpected curveballs, which will keep you guessing until the very end. Surprisingly, the lead actors Monique Alexander, Mr. Marcus, and company execute their lines without sounding like a robot. Moreover, Mr. St. Croix delivers a great performance as the villain and it’s uncanny that his voice sounds like Law and Order’s Vincent D’Onofrio. Sex is central to the storyline, but sometimes there are sex scenes that should have been better like the girl/girl scenes. Despite that, Cry Wolf is an engaging film that should keep you glued to the television not exclusively for the sex, but for the plot as well.

Running Length: ~2 hours 9 minutes

Starring: Monique Alexander, Stefani Morgan, Tyla Wynn, Staci Thorn, Riley Mason, Marlie Moore, Lexxi Tyler, Tory Lane, Carly Parker, Holly Wellin, Devon Lee, and Jayna Oso

The film is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192kbps. As one would have guessed, there’s noticeable film graininess throughout the movie, but that alone shouldn’t detract from the excellent storyline. As for the audio, I could not find any faults with it.

The extras include a 20 minute BTS, five bonus sex scenes, one deleted scene, and a widescreen photo gallery. Monique’s interview during the BTS is very interesting when she compares her SAG experience working on an episode of Entourage compared to shooting adult movies. The following bonus scenes are included: Tory Lane in $2 Bill, Lanny Barby and Staci Thorn in Cheap Booze and Cigarettes, Jayna Oso from Pillow Talk, Stefani Morgan and Joey from I like to Watch, and Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander from Sunny Loves Matt. About half of the bonus scenes were great, especially Sunnys, Jayna’s and Lanny’s. There’s also a deleted scene from the extended Riley Mason scene, but it’s not so interesting and that’s probably why they cut it out.

This Monique Alexander powered film delves into the kinky game of role-playing. The plot is a little confusing at first since you don’t know whether Monique is actually the victim or not and whether Mr. Marcus is in the control of the situation or not. By the end of the movie, you will either love the subtle twists or wish you could reclaim the 2 hour + of your life. In my opinion, it was worth watching the film and I believe you will like it to.

There are eight scenes altogether including Monique Alexander’s anticipated anal scene. The anal scene probably will not get you in the mood because it seems like it’s forced sodomy, but this scene is central to the whole premise of the movie, which is who is/isn’t in control? Is it really a rape or is it some sick and twisted role-play fantasy? In the end, you’ll feel sorry for Mr. Marcus as it seems that he is a pawn from a sick and twisted role-play.

Another memorable scene is Monique’s interracial scene with Mr. Marcus where she makes the first moves by overstaying the last call at Mr. Marcus’s bar. The two have a budding romance developing, which later ends up with his dick in her mouth. By scene’s end, her pussy is fucked hard, but moreso in the doggie position until he unloads all over her back.

The next scene worth mentioning is Jayna Oso’s scene, which she shares with former Vivid star Stefani Morgan. It stars Marcus Leon, who is a born-again Christian actor, that finds himself in the ‘Monique Alexander rape’ controversy. In this scene, he’s having more fun with Jayna than he is with Stefani since he gets to fuck Jayna’s accommodating asshole. In the end, Jayna’s Eurasian face gets plastered with lots of cum! I think this is the best scene on the movie and kudos for Paul Thomas including Jayna!

The remaining scenes just didn’t cut for me. The cocaine-induced orgy starring Tory Lane and company wasn’t really interesting since she gives another way over-the-top performance, which gets old after awhile. A wasted opportunity is the sapphic foursome including the now retired Riley Mason, This scene could have been better, but it seems like the ladies were just going through the paces. Now, the most disturbing scene is when Monique wants ‘payback’ against her alleged rapist, Marcus Leon. Fortunately, for us it’s just a simulated sodomy scene where we only get to see Monique put on a strap-on before she thrusts away on Marcus. By the end of the movie, as the back cover suggests you’ll be wondering if she got hurt at all or was it some kind of sick and twisted role-playing game.

In summary, Cry Wolf is a thought provoking Paul Thomas feature film, which above all else is a plot-driven big budget porno. Needless to say, the acting is surprisingly good considering that this is an adult film. Now, in terms of the sex, there are a couple of good scenes such as Jayna’s scene and Monique’s interracial with Mr. Marcus. There was a lot of hoopla for Monique’s first anal scene, but you might not enjoy considering the circumstances or the plot at that time since it’s an edgy plot to say the least.

RATING: Recommended

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