Club Jenna’s High Definition (Blu-ray)

Club Jenna’s High Definition is appropriately named. The sex is hot and fierce and you would be hard pressed to find a Blu-ray of the finest cocksucking performed by the likes Lela Star, Roxy Jezel, and Ruby Knox. For those Lela Star haters that said that she wouldn’t perform hot scenes as a contract star may change their minds after this movie. The director, Bill Fisher, has now landed on my radar since his vision is refreshing in this day and age of Jules Jordan wannabees.

Running Length: ~2 hours 46 minutes

Starring: Lela Star, Roxy Jezel, Ruby Knox, McKenzee Miles, Renna Ryan, Kimberly Cole, and Kara Tai

The film is presented in widescreen in 1080 HD and is encoded in VC1 with a Mbps range from 15-20. The audio is encoded in 2 channel Dolby Digital 48 kHz at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the quality overall is superb, but there minor hiccups. For instance, in the first scene there’s a strange animated circular icon that intermittently appears at the top center of the screen. Also, in the Lela Star fountain sex scene, there is some noise that’s noticeable. Overall, fleshtones were accurate when the director wanted it to be meaning that this is a heavily stylized production, which doesn’t harm the quality in anyway but enhances the mood of the movie. But, if you want to breakdown the visual quality scene by scene, then I would have to give my nod to scene three and scene 6. Now, the audio quality was a mixed bag since the music in some scenes overpowered the vocals. In terms of music quality, it was a delight to hear and it definitely contributed to the movie’s mood.

Extras include a trailers, HD photo gallery, and BTS. Finally someone got the HD photo gallery right this time! For the first time, a company has used the entire widescreen for photos! It is flawless! Unfortunately, the BTS is in standard-defintion, which should not be the case. It’s like the feeling I had when I saw No Country For Old Men in Blu-ray and found out that the special features were in 480i. The BTS has a few nice parts, but basically you just see the stars waiting. However the nice parts are funny like when the two stars are being videotaped ordering McDonald’s at the drive through. But, the best part is when Lela Star shows off her bisexual side when talking about eating hot and sweaty pussy after a night at a dance club! 

Lela Star and Ruby Know have the belly-dancer theme going. This theme was well-played and it doesn’t look cheesy at all. The ladies show off their grade A+ cocksucking skills. At one point, the ladies’ lips smother each side of his shaft as he begins to thrust away. Ruby Know hold her on when he begins to throatfuck her beautiful face. After the great fellatio session, he fucks Lela in the pussy doggie style while she intermittently licks Ruby considering that Lela is getting pounded hard. With all the work that Lela’s gone through in the gonzo business, her pierced pussy is still game. After the thorough Lela fuck, he goes after Ruby Knox’s pink pussy in the missionary with Lela Star providing extra lubricant and pussy-to-mouth. The camera gives us extreme-closeups of the hard-fucking in between the wide angle scenes. Lela wants to get fucked again and her wish is his command as she takes him cowgirl style with Ruby performing PTM service. He finished off with fucking Ruby until he unloads on Lela’s sexy face. Consequently, the two sexy ladies share his cum with each other! It’s an excellent ending to this very excellent scene.

The next scene stars the Eurasian Roxy Jezel in a futuristic light fetish scene and it starts using a fishbowl lens to give the scene as if you were checking to see who’s knocking at your door before returning to normal. Roxy Jezel gyrates for the camera until she has two cocks to display her cocksucking skills. Like the other ladies from the first scene, she sucks a mean and wet cock! The threesome is in full gear when she takes it in her love box while concentrating on sucking cock. Oddly enough, at one point the other guy drops out of the scene making it a one-on-one scenario. This leads to a very hot and sweaty love session. In certain segments of the one-on-one scenario, it looks as if a couple shots came from an R-rated Showtime movie since you don’t get to see any actual penetration when Roxy is in the reverse cowgirl position with legs close together. Anyway, the scene gets back on track when the other guy finally shows up for more fucking until they douse her Euro-Thai face with cum! She shows off her past gonzo-nastiness with some emphatic post-coital sucking!  

We get a little bit more of the sumptuous Lela Star along with McKenzee Miles both sporting a pompadour wig in an eighteenth century inspired sex. It’s good that this scene has all the erotic qualities of 1700s France without the lack of hygienic products from the days of yore!  The camera work is excellent in this scene since it looks like a crane was used for the top-down shots of the fountain sex. After the excellent fellatio, the two ladies get fucked hard side by side by their respective partners. Then, McKenzee takes off with a cock in her mouth and one inside her pussy doggie style while Lela provides fluffer support. However, from then on McKenzee drops from the scene and the scene moves to a different more modern location. Now, Lela has the two cocks all to herself and the guys really make use of fucking her hard in the doggie style position. She takes a licking from the doggie position, but still keeps on sucking. Finally, the guys unleash a large cum puddle on her hands, which she licks off with her sexy tongue.

If you haven’t known by now, this movie is a Lela Star centered movie since she stars in this scene with Renna Ryan. Lela’s costar is a hot little number with both the looks and the body. The scene’s style is like a music video on MTV. They do some girl/girl for the lucky guy that’s about to get his mind and cock blown. Lela show off her über-cocksucking skils while we get to see a nice view of Renna’s backside covered in red fishnet stockings. Renna doesn’t have the oral skills of Lela Star, but let’s face only a few ladies do. After the foreplay, Renna takes his cock first, but Lela takes most of the fuck time in the doggie position. At one point, she gets fucked hard in the doggie style while the guy supports her head while she gives cunnilingus to Renna. In the end, he fucks Renna’s pussy hard until he pulls out of her bare pussy and delivers a huge cum load on her belly and chest! Like the pro that she is, Lela makes use of the cum and transfers some of it to Renna before taking the rest of it for herself.

The penultimate scene stars Roxy Jezel and Kimberly Cole. This is another scene with the fetish theme. The scene looks like a vignette from the Private Fetish Machine series, but with better production value and better looking girls. The ladies tease one another while the two guys look on at the spectacle before Roxy wants a cock up her mouth. The guy does not disappoint her and she goes to work on him! She gets throatfucked hard as well as Kimberly Cole. After the nasty and wet THOROUGH fellatio session, the ladies get royally fucked. Lela Star has a cameo appearance via the HDTV when we get to see her reaction in ‘real-time.’ The fucking continues in tandem in different positions until the ladies assume the 69 position while Roxy takes it in her pussy before he unleashes a cum torrent just right outside of her pussy. Meanwhile Kimberly Cole waits for the cum to drip down to her awaiting mouth! It’s not over yet as the other guy dumps his load on Roxy’s pussy to replenish the man-made cum waterfall that’s about to drain into Kimberly’s mouth! This is another great scene that just works out unexpectedly, especially taking into the account the fetish gear and fetish make-up. 

Finally, the movie ends with some Asian flavoring in the form of Kara Tai. She is wearing a kimono before she takes it off and shakes her oddly-shaped (not really a pancake butt nor an ass like Lela) booty for the camera. Kara is a cute Asian who looks like she’s either of Korean or Japanese descent. She resembles a better-looking Lucy Lee meshed with some features of a Miko Lee. After the brief tease, she wastes no time starting with some suckee suckee. She’s a little rough with his cock biting it to full effect. After the foreplay, we get a nice closeup up her tight Asian pussy being spread wide open by his cock. The scene turns into a POV when he fucks her pussy in the doggie position, but then resumes in third person. In the end, he pastes her cute face full of cum! 

In summary, High Definition is not a perfect Blu-ray. But, it does MOST things right and a very few things the other way. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a great cast led by Lela Star and Roxy Jezel performing the hottest scenes on the current crop of Blu-ray titles. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of locations mixed with the hot and scorching scenes. Except for the minor pitfalls discussed in the visual department and the decision to go SD on the BTS, this would have received a perfect rating, but nonetheless this is on the high end of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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