From the Vault: Racial Tension 1

(NOTE: These archived reviews have been updated to reflect current trends and current review format) 

Racial Tension 1 is a classic and is true to Mike John’s style of off-the-wall gonzo sex! The movie stars some of the nastiest girls to heat up the blue screen in the last several years like Sierra Sinn, Naomi, and Gianna.

Running Length: D1: ~2 hours 50 minutes; D2: ~1 hour and 32 minutes

Starring: Gianna, Marie Luv, Mysti May, Naomi, Sierra Sinn, and Kaci Starr

Unlike like more recent releases, this DVD is presented in full-frame. The picture quality is so-so in terms of pixel artifacts. However, the fleshtones are reproduced accurately. Now, as for the sound, it’s what you would expect from a gonzo production. 

Extras include a 23 minute BTS, one bonus scene starring Kaci Starr, photo gallery, and pop shot recap. The BTS was a bit of yawn for me since there was a great deal of focus on Gianna. There’s no doubt that she’s a great fuck, but her looks are less than stunning. As for the Kaci Starr-Tim Von Swine scene it is POV blowjob scene patterned after the bonus scenes that were packaged with earlier Red Light District titles when Mr. Swine and Mr. John still worked with them.

Disc One

The first scene stars the once bootylicious Naomi whose curves made her a shoe-in for an AVN award. This tanned goddess wears a sexy blue suit with whorish heels. The first part is strictly a threesome with Naomi getting the good ole in, out dp routine. There’s definitely a hot of sexual intensity going on between them resulting in her swallowing their loads. The scene continues with a blowbang where she gets to really display her oral talents! This scene is one of the most memorable early Naomi scenes next to her gangbang video for Red Light District. In the end, she takes four loads in her mouth like the good whore she is! What a way to the start the DVD!

Mysti May, a curly-haired blonde, has a nice body with a cute face, which she puts to good use in this scene. She’s paired with veteran black pornstar Sean Michaels in a one-on-one scene. Mysti, like the pro she is, uses a sizable amount of saliva as she locks her lip on his fuck stick. It’s a tepid scene since Sean is ‘showing’ his age when he gets off a weak load on her face. Mysti, whose dressed in a maid’s outfit, cleans ‘house’ when she offers her mouth to four black dudes. This is as nasty as a blowbang can get for her and in the end her stomach is full of sperm from the cum-swallowing.

The third scene stars Marie Luv in a racial reversal this time with her taking it from white guys. Marie Luv is one of the black veterans in the business who has always given it her all. This scene is no different when she lets the three men have her three holes simultaneously. Marie is an exceptional nasty fuck machine as the ATM and the airtight segments suggest. By scene’s end she gets intoxicated by swallowing their cum. It’s not over yet as she has four white guys to blow! She shows her nastiness with the oral sessions, which results in her face and body drenched with cum!

The last scene on this disc has an innocent-looking Kaci Starr, who never in my opinion reached her potential probably because she didn’t fit the pornstar mold. She’s the center of attraction for three black guys waiting to tear her orifices apart. Soon, her innocent look is only just that as it’s apparent that this girl is a nasty one indeed even taking the double penetration. Soon, the guys unleash their man chowder on her face and mouth. Like the other scenes, this is followed by a blowbang session. The guys are a little rough on her when they slap her face with their cocks, which only happens in porn! The cum-swallowing is almost unbearable for her since her gag reflex kicks into gear!

Disc Two

Gianna has been a fixture with major companies for the past several years and I don’t know why but for her very curvy curves. Anyway, as you can tell I’m not really fond of her looks, but I do respect her her abilities. Although there’s no anal in the scene, the two guys fuck her thoroughly and in between they get to fuck her throat. In the end, she swallows their loads in one whole sitting!

Last up is ultra-nasty vixen Sierra Sinn who is currently out of the adult business. This lithe body with passable face really had some mean fellatio skills! She gets to show them off first with Sean Michaels and then with his friends. Sean Michael does an adequate job of filling both her holes, but one cock doesn’t seem to quench this whore’s appetite. In the end, he shoots his load onto her tongue. Now, the movie is heading to its endstage, but not without some major cocksucking and thorough fucking. Finally, after all the fucking and sucking, her body, face, and mouth become the targets for their jizz payloads!  

In summary, Racial Tension 1 is a solid fuck movie. Although it may not have the same intensity throughout like his other series, No Cum Dodging Allowed, it does have its moments. In particular, the Sierra Sinn scene is excellent!  

RATING: Highly recommended

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