SeXXXotica 3: Wild Waves

This is how tropical porno is done right! Sexy ladies doing nasty stuff with Brazil providing the lush and isolated scenery. Woodman still has it and this movie proves it. This blows out its rival, Private Tropical out of the water.

Running Length: ~ 2 hours 14 minutes

Starring: Anetta Keys, Tarra White, Jade Sin, Eva, Chloe Delaure, Simone, and Nessa Devil

The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The fleshtones aren’t quite accurate as is usually the case in Woodman productions, but it’s probably the camera or camera settings used. As for the audio, some of the dialogue is dubbed in English. Also, some of the sex sounds are also dubbed, but others have the actual sounds. I find the dubbed English amusing, but it’s much more effective than what has been used in the past.

The extras is only composed of a 46 minute BTS with shots on location and extra views with the gorgeous girl-only Anetta Keys. The subtitles are funny when Pierre Woodman is directing the Jade Sin scene. Basically, what you get out of the BTS is although their days are long, there seems to be a lot of comradery between the cast and production crew.

The ladies, Anetta Keys and Tarra White, take a dune buggy down to a view overlooking the rocks. The girls ditch the car and they are looking for a nice isolated spot to make out. This is a picturesque scene with the powerful waves crashing into the land while the ladies make-out. Soon, the women take turns eating each other out. Fortunately or unfortunately for them, two guys have found their isolated spot. Anetta leaves her friend since she seems afraid. Instead of running away, Tarra doesn’t mind the company. For the time being, she’s the center of their world. Soon, it doesn’t take too long until they double penetrate her. We get several close-ups of the dp feat before they paste her big tits with jizz.

Jade Sin, an Asian, interrupts her neighbors who are redoing their yard. After the guys show off their new lawnmover, Jade Sin flirts with them. She’s going to give them her sweet ‘petrol.’ Soon, she’s grouping their cocks while they undress this delectable southeast Asian slut with a penchant for Europeans. Soon, she takes it up the pussy while she’s sucking on the other guys cock. This Asian fuck machine even takes it DP-style. It looks like they are breaking her wide open. She receives two facials for her excellent performance and she continues to give post coital sucking! She brings a new level to the term ‘friendly neighbors.’

Next, there is an average looking topless blonde, Eva, exercising near the pool. Wow, she does a complete split showing her flexibility, which leads me to believe she was probably a gymnast at some point in her life. A guy comes into the scene and he makes small talk before she gives way to his advances. After some passionate kissing, he enters the pool and performs cunnilingus before she gives him head in the pool. The sex is a little bit dangerous as he bangs away on the ledge of the pool first inside her pussy and then inside her tight ass. After a few more positions, she jerks him off onto her face!

A couple is heading to the oceanfront to meet a friend who’s girlfriend is sick. Needless to say after some niceties, the three engage in some sexual frolicking. There’s not much story in this vignette, but needless to say the blonde, Chloe Delaure, gets a real workout in both orifices. In the end, she takes their cumshots on her face! The intensity is in the scene, but I wasn’t impressed with her looks.

The next scene stars a tanned beauty, Simone, with her dark friend. She takes her friend to a very ‘special’ and isolated cove. Things get a little heated when she uses her DSLs to good use. He returns the favor with some accurate pussy-licking despite the waves impeding his progress. She looks awesome while she gets fucked doggie style. There’s no anal in this one, but he sticks his finger inside her ass. In the end, he jerks off onto her face and she takes it with style! It’s an excellent ending to end this vaginal-only scene.

Another tanned beauty, Nessa Devil, works a lonely path before two sunbathers spot her walking alone. She offers them to accompany her to the beach and the two men cannot resist. When they reach their destination, the two men cannot wait to get inside her. This is a very hot scene and she looks great being fucked while she’s on her back. The best is yet to come while she’s get fucked in the ass revere cowgirl style while she gets throatfucked. This leads to a volcanic double penetration before they destroy her face with cum. The scene ends with hot post-coital sucking. The last scene is classic Woodman!

In summary, if you are looking for something harder than what Private Tropical productions and/or Island Fever series, then SeXXXotica 3: Wild Waves is the best alternative. You cannot go wrong with the hottest scene in the movie, Nessa Devil’s scene. Also Jade Sin and Eva provide good scenes!

RATING: Recommended

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