Anal Gate 4: Anal Addicts

Anal Gate 4: Anal Addicts looks like a winner from the boxcover, but unfortunately it falls flat although it has a stellar cast. The main problem is that the women look really trashy and unattractive with the makeup and hairstyle. Sure, these problems don’t look apparent on the front cover, but they soon become a distraction and even the stellar sex cannot compensate for this misjudgment.

Running length: ~2 hours 42 minutes

Starring: Donna Bell, Kyra Black, Black Angelika, Lucy Bell, Blue Angel, Sweet Honey, and Sunny Blonde

The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 4-5 Mbps while the audio is Dolby Digital 2.0 48 khz at 192 khz. I was impressed with the accurate fleshtones and I didn’t see any graininess in the movie. Also, the sound had good separation and it’s sometimes nice hearing the pigeon English dialogue instead of dubbed English.

The extras include trailers, photo gallery, and a 19 minute BTS. The BTS was rather done superficially, with the cameraman asking for the lady’s measurements and other small talk. The only moment that is worth seeing is more moments with the sexy ‘big-ass-for-a-white-girl’ Kyra Black. Overall, the BTS is not really interesting. Now, regarding the photo gallery, it was well executed because the photos made good use of the extra widescreen real estate. Unfortunately, there’s no music to accompany it.

Three guys are playing cards while a skunk-haired slutty lady, Donna Bell, is bored. She interrupts the session when her tit escapes from her skimpy top. Like the good hostess she is, she asks if anyone is thirsty for some drinks. After a little toast, they are treated with a brief fashion from the provocative lady. Now, she’s in some slutty gear including black fishnets. This lady is such a nympho she cannot get enough of the three guys. Soon she’s air-tight taking them all in at the same time. This is some rough anal including some gape shots in between. In the end, they spooge on her sexy face.

There’s no setup for the next scene as the brunette lady, Kyra Black with an 80s do shows off her nice ass, which is about to be plucked and fucked. Kyra’s wearing white slutty gear including some white fishnets while she plays with herself. Soon, the sex begins but not before a little foreplay. David Perry fucks her pussy before he opens up that ass of hers. She’s screaming with delight while she takes it in the ass and being fingered at the same time. Finally, she takes a facial on her caked-up face.

The third scene continues for some odd choices of hairdo and makeup. This time it’s a brunette, Black Angelika with caked-on makeup and a weird hairdo that makes her look like she’s a souped-up version of Sean Young from Bladerunner. The scene starts as a one-on-one scene, but this soon changes to an orgy with the total number of 5 participants. This is another hard scene with hot throatfucking. I think it would have been better without the punk rock make up and unique hair styles. There’s a whole lot of sex going on, but the camera work is a little shaky. The two ladies, Black Angelika and Lucy Bell, scream in unison as one of them takes a dp. The scene ends with requisite facials on the ladies.

The next scene starts with the same kinda strange 80s punk hairdo and makeup, which just doesn’t make sense at all. David Perry has this blonde, Blue Angel, with a great ass all to himself. He plugs her holes, but starts first with her pussy before giving her ass a thorough fucking. In the end, she take’s the director’s seed in her mouth and face.

The penultimate scene is a little racy with Sweet Honey with her hair in pigtails is caught masturbating by her ‘domineering’ husband or father. Since there’s no dialogue, it’s hard to tell what are the relations. Regardless, this is a disturbing scene. Anyway, he pulls her pony tails and has her sit on a sofa while he watches two guys violate her in every way. After playing shy, she actually doesn’t mind to be throatfucked by these two guys. By scene’s end, they’ve plugged both her bottom holes simultaneously before leaving DNA stains on her face and tits.

The last scene stars a glammed up average blonde, Sunny Blonde, doing some sunbathing beside a pool. After playing with herself, she’s joined by the director David Perry, who’s a master at pounding women’s asses. This nasty girls even performs ATM in between the buttfucking. Finally, she sucks him until she takes it on her face and mouth.

In summary, although Anal Gate 4: Anal Addicts delivers the hardcore anal sex, it’s marred by the horrible hairstyle and make-up job. Furthermore, the racy and sketchy scenario in scene five with Sweet Honey is not needed and will definitely turn off the average viewer.

RATING: Skip it


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