Max Gals Deluxe (Blu-ray)

Amorz hits a home-run with Max Girls Deluxe! For western viewers like you who want more variety in a movie instead of a one-woman movie like the two prior reviews, then this Blu-ray is up your alley. Don’t miss Reiko Kabuki’s and Arisa Aoyama’s scenes, especially the latter one since it’s a scorcher!

For a brief summary of how Japorn differs from Western Porn, click here!

Running Length: ~1 hour 50 minutes

Starring: Ibuki, Mai Akane, Yui Komine, Reiko Kabuki, and Arisa Aoyama

The movie is presented in 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG 2 at 25 Mbps. The audio is encoded in LPCM 2.0 at 1536 Kbps. The visual quality is slightly off as compared to prior reviewed releases from Amorz. For instance, the color saturation is slightly over-saturated in well lit scenes. Also, there is slight blockiness/pixelation scene in some segments of the movie. As far as the sound goes, it has good sound separation and I really liked the music because it has that J-pop/smooth jazz quality to it. Like And like the prior releaseses, the English subtitles are amusing!

The extras are still sparse with only a photo gallery. I hope that Amorz improves upon this in the future. It wouldn’t hurt to have a BTS.

First up is Ibuki who has her hands chained together with leopard printed furry cuffs. Her beau takes advange of the situation by playing finger hockey with her pussy until she cums. She returns the favor with very passionate fellatio until she takes in her moist box missionary style. By this time, she has a collar wrapped around her neck. Soon, he thrusts into her at full speed until he delivers a nice cream pie. He’s not done with her yet as there’s another round of fucking, but not before he pleasures her with a sex toy. Once she’s all wet and moist, he rams his rod while she uses her hands to open her flower up. Things really heat up when she squirts while taking it doggie style. Another man enters the scene making it a threesome temporarily until he official takes over the rest of the scene. Now, this guy is a furious fucker and he gives hit hard and fast to Ibuki until he creams her pussy.

The next scene stars Mai Akane and she’s wearing a sexy blue top, but it quickly comes undone by the two Japanese men. Their curiosity results in them exposing Mai’s pussy hiding underneath her underwear. Mai’s not as attractive as Ibuki, but she delivers the goods. After the foreplay, they have their way with her in several different positions. She looks ultra-sexy with those pink lace and black fishnet stockings while she gets fucked raw. Then, it turns into a one-on-one affair where she gets fucked like a ragged doll until he sperminates her! I really liked the energy in this scene!

Yui Komine is an average Japanese girl with slightly wavy hair. She looks more Korean, then Japanese. Anyway, she is the center of attraction for the two guys who do some tit worship before they show off their cunnilingus skills. Things take a turn when one of the guys makes her cum and she summarily squirts her ‘cum’ onto the other guy’s face. I must say that I haven’t seen this one before. You have to love the Japanese for their innovation. Things return to a normal threesome until one of the guys primes her ass for some buttfucking! The camera does well to capture the heated anal session. There’s good intensity in this segment and it finally ends with a creamy anal creampie!

Reiko Kabuki is the best-looking one on this Blu-ray. This is a very energetic scene with Reiko giving good head. The foreplay continues in the ’69’ position before the lucky guy rides her in the cowgirl position where we get to see her natural breasts taking flight. He cannot contain his happiness and splooges inside her. She’s not done yet because she does an encore performance, but this time it’s a threesome. Although this part should have been better than the one on one session, at least she get’s a creamy facial and a creampie to change it up a little.

Last up is Arisa Aoyama who has perky A cup tits wearing some whorish red fishnet stockings together with her miniskirt. Apparently, the guy is so much turned on by this and he doesn’t mind if she facesits on his face. After the cunnilingus, she returns the favor with a delicate blowjob before he roughens her pussy up with a lot fucking until he creams her box. If you are saddened to see this scene end, don’t be because she follows this one up with a threesome with a scorching double penetration . . . yes that’s right a DP! But before the DP festivities go underway, the guys have fun dilating her pussy and ass with their fingers and they have a little fun with the trusty Panasonic massager! After pleasuring her, they throatfuck her so there’s none of the delicate fellatio from her first scene. The camera takes close-up shots of the anal penetration as well as the scene’s hightlight, the dp! By scene’s end, her sore ass takes a creampie and her pretty face takes a sizeable creamy load! This was the best scene even with her displeasure, feigned or real, when she takes the facial!

In summary, Max Gals Deluxe, was a pleasant surprise and the Blu-ray should appeal to the common porn viewer. The majority of the scenes had very good intensity and it doesn’t hurt for the ladies to be dressed up in either sexy or whorish clothes or both! I espcially liked Reiko Kabuki’s and Arisa Aoyama’s scenes!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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