Glamor Sensual: Mai Hanano Cum Inside (Blu-ray)

Glamor Sensual: Mai Hanano Cum Inside is a great movie for both mainstream viewers who are curious about Japorn and for those already familiar to Japanese porn. The sexy and cute Mai Hanano performs well in her scenes and her orgasm scenes are a sight to watch! You have to love those magic bullets and those Panasonic electric massagers!

For a brief summary of how Japorn differs from Western Porn, click here!

Running Length: ~1 hour 32 minutes

Starring: Mai Hanano

The movie is presented in 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG 2 at 30 Mbps. The audio is encoded in LPCM at 1536 Kbps. The visual quality is slightly better compared to the Rika Sakurai movie that I reviewed earlier. The color saturation is on target and the fleshtones are depicted accurately. As far as the sound goes, it has good sound separation and I really liked the music because it has that J-pop/smooth jazz quality to it. On a lighter note, the English subtitles are very amusing and I am sure that’s the case for the other six languages!

The extras are still sparse with only a photo gallery.

What better way to get better acquainted with Mai Hanano then in a hot, torrid romp in one of the Japanese islands. The ultra-cute and loveable Mai has her hands full with two guys. She’s wearing a matching red top and bikini before the guys expose her breasts and pussy for the threesome. The lucky man take turns fucking her mouth and pussy on the beach. There are nice close-ups up her tight pussy getting pleasured with a tongue and fingers in between the intercourse. The fucking picks up pace when she’s in the cowgirl position while she sucks on the other guys’s cock. Later, she takes the guys one at a time before each of them unloads a nut right inside her! You would think that her voracious sexual appetite would be satisfied, but not for her since she uses vibrators to get her off once again! This is a very nice solo scene on the beach!

Unlike the prior beach scene, this one starts indoors with Mai wearing a transparent pink tip and matching underwear. She frenchkisses her beau while he fondles and exposes her nice breasts. Again, we get nice close-ups up her wet pussy getting some oral pleasure. It wouldn’t be a Japanese porno without the famed magic bullets. Soon, she’s all the wet from all the magic-bullet induced orgasms. The camera gives an ultra-closeup of her cum juice sliding down her perineal area! This is a good scene showcasing how Japanese porn is so much different from American porno.

This next scene has Mai giving her beau an oily footjob. She gets a good workout with her thighs providing the force for the feet. Next, she lets him fuck her tits for awhile before continuing with a handjob/blowjob combination. This is pretty hot if you are into Japanese girls giving sloppy head. In between these segments, Mai kisses her man passionately. Now, that’s what you don’t see too often in American productions. Soon, another man joins the scene and brings his trusty electric massager to use on the sex freak Mai. This guy soon gets more of the action as the scene just becomes a one-on-one with the other guy leaving the scene. Soon, he’s fucking her hard in several different positions. She uses the electric massager on herself while she gets fucked in the pussy real hard. By the scene’s end, she’s orgasmed x times over before he cums inside her! Finally, the other guy jumps into the scene and messes up her pretty face with a nice facial! This is a long scene, but well worth it because there’s a high degree of sexual intensity throughout.

In summary, Glamor Sensual: Mai Hanano Cum Inside is a great movie for both Japanese porn fans as well as the average viewer who wants to be ‘introduced’ into Japanese porn. This Blu-ray strikes a good balance with some ‘Western’ elements such as the threesome beach sex scene as well as the traditional Japanese porn like the others. Mai Hanano is a very hot girl and it’s nice that Amorz has brought her to this side of the Pacific!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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