Super Queen Erotic: Rika Sakurai (Blu-ray)

Super Queen Erotic: Rika Sakurai has its moments with some very intense nicely-captured orgasms experienced by Rika. Although she’s no Maria Osawa, Rika is really into her scenes. This may not be the best title for mainstream porn viewers who are curious about Japorn, but if you are familiar to Japanese porn, then this is a good release!

For a brief summary of how Japanese porn is different from Western Porn, click here!

Running Length: ~1 hour 33 minutes

Starring: Rika Sakurai

The movie is presented in widescreen in 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 30 Mbps. The audio is encoded in LPCM at 1536 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are accurate with no noticeable color saturation. As this is an HD release you can see all the details on the skin from the roots of the pubes, etc. The sound has good separation and it’s nice to hear Rika’s squealing as she gets pleasured in many different ways. I especially liked the Smooth Jazz music and the characteristically Japanese pop music that can be heard in the menu and photo gallery.

The extras are sparse in this release with only a photo gallery.

Rika Sakurai is in the center of this Japorn blu-ray. She’s a thin-figured Japanese girl with nice tiny breasts and an attractive face. She doesn’t really have a nice ass since good asses are hard to come by on Japanese women, but it does happen occasionally. Anyway, the first scene has her in a blue two piece pleasuring herself with some lube before using a vibrating probe on her tits before she excitens her pussy with it. We get a nice close-up her wet pussy and since it’s in high definition, we get to see the finer details. She works it until she cums hard. The best part is her expressions throughout the scene and you could tell she loved every minute of it.

The next scene has the cutie wearing a trendy sweater that you would see Japanese women wearing on the streets of Tokyo. Soon, she has her underwear down and she spreads her lips for the camera to see. She’s not new to this game as she looks very experienced down there. Soon, she’s met with her Asian beau that cannot stop groping her. Soon, she’s naked except for her belt and her knee highs while he uses an electric massager on her pussy resulting in her squealing with delight. He shows off his manual dexterity by finger fucking her until she cums with delight. She returns the favor with a brief blowjob before getting on top of him in the cowgirl position. By the way, the English subtitles are humorous because it’s very literal. After fucking her raw, he withdraws and takes off his condom before cumming on her perky tits.

Things get a little kinky in the next scene when Rika has her hands tied while the same guy from the prior scene works her over with his tongue and vibrating probe. In the mean time, she’s surrounded by four cocks waiting to be sucked by her. He ups the ante by using the electric massager while she has some trouble with sucking on cock. After being shy with the cocks surrounding her, she displays some of her oral skills before she has cum on her face. The jizz residuals that drip down from her chin are collected in a wine glass until they are inserted in a syringe injected in and around her pussy. Now, that’s definitely something you don’t see in American porn. To make matters worse, they make her smell all that jizz. That was a very fun scene to watch.

Rika’s back again wearing the same two-piece top, but this time it’s not a solo scene. He takes good care with her needs by making her cum using on his tongue and fingers. Soon, she’s all wet down there because of the ‘squirting.’ This is somewhat of a brief scene compared to other, but it’s good.

The penultimate scene has her showing off her demure way of sucking on two cock. She’s more of a ‘hands’ person when it comes to sucking cock, but at least she gives good eye contact throughout the scene. Finally, she jerks them off resulting in two pasty loads on her pretty face. It has a good ending, but I’d rather see her more involved orally in the blowjob scene.

In the last scene, Rika’s the centerpiece in this threesome. After the guys worship her naughty parts with their tongues and fingers, they enhance her sexual climax with the ubiquitous japanese electric body massager. Soon, the guys take turns fucking her hard in different positions before she has cum all over face.

In summary, Super Queen Erotic: Rika Sakurai is a good Blu-ray release. Although Rika may not be as attractive as a Maria Osawa, she has a quality that makes her likeable. Other pluses for the movie is that unlike most Japanese porn out there, most of the cumshots in this release are facials instead of the ubiquitous creampies. Some may be turned off because the use of condoms, but it shouldn’t upset everyone. If you are familiar to Japanese porn, this is definitely a recommended title. But, if you aren’t, then this is probably not the best ‘gateway’ for Japanese porn as Glamor Sensual: Mai Hanano.

RATING: Recommended.

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