Swank’s Wild Asians 1

Take a gander at this Asian-themed video by prolific French pornographer Denys Defrancesco. If you are looking for Asian starlets in scorching anal scenes that you haven’t seen on this side of the Atlantic, then this should flip the bill!

Starring: Aisha, Monika, Krystal, Courtney, and Mya Diamond

Running Length: ~2 hours 12 minutes



The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 6 Mbps with the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 48 khz at 192 kbps. The picture quality is good, but the colors are slightly bland, but with accurate fleshtones. As for the audio within the scene, it’s clear and it capture the sex sounds well. However, the audio quality of the extras aren’t of the same caliber.

The extras include a 13 minute casting session where a shaky camera films the girls in the nude, a 6 minute BTS with more shots of the lovely Monika, a slideshow with awful oriental music and trailers.

First up is Aisha who is wearing a classy black dress. She’s a cute Asian with prominent bone structure, probably of Chinese descent but it’s so hard to tell. After her beau gives her present, she cannot thank him any other way but by giving him head. If you thought this was going to be a one-on-one affair, think again because another guy drops by to deliver a present to her before he gets into the action. By this time, she has one dick in her pussy and one in her mouth. Things get more interesting when another suitor drops off a gift before making this scene a foursome. Soon, another man comes by and makes this is a mini-gangbang. Within no time, she has herself ‘air tight.’ The four men make their rounds with her until they waste her face with loads of cum all over her pretty face! This is a great scene with some good buildup. 

Monika is another cute Asian with a haircut styled like Dancing with the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke. Her beau helps her undress from her sexy outerwear to show off her nice body. Rather than going straight for his cock, she kisses him passionately before the inevitable happens. She performs head in the 69 position while he finger fucks her ass and licks her pussy. He enjoys slipping his cock hard, fast, and deep into her ass, which results in her screaming in ecstasy. After the hard anal, he cums in her ass, which she she squeezes out using her pelvic muscles. This is a hot scene for anal lovers!

Things are mixed in this scene with the Eurasian Courtney and blonde Krystal. A man watches the two get frisky with each other for g/g foreplay. Soon, he joins in the fray having his rod sucked by Courtney. Both ladies get fucked hard in the pussy before waiting for their turns to be ass-fucked. Courtney’s bunghole looks tight as he has difficulty penetrating her all the way and so for the remainder of the scene he only fucks her pussy. At the end, Krystal shows her depravity by rimming him before he shoots his spooge on the ladies.

Next up is the versatile European Mya Diamond, whose chinky eyes make her somewhat passable as an Asian. The scene starts out with Mya already being penetrated on an Ikea-looking desk, which doesn’t seem too stable for all the thrusting going on. This is more of a fetish scene as there seems to be focus on her freshly polished nails and sexy legs. In the end, she jerks him with her feet until he unleashes a monster load on her fishnet stockings! It’s a nice vaginal-only scene!

Back by popular demand is Cheryl Burke doppelganger Monika. This is a threesome unlike her prior one-on-one scene. After the good oral, the two men have her way with her and fuck her long and hard. The scene reaches a scorching level with an energetic double penetration making her sweat and making her eyes roll over. In the end, she receives a cumshot on her ass while she takes a cream jizz load on her face. 

In summary, Swank’s Wild Asians is a very good video with hardcore sex shot by one of the more famous European pornographers Denys Defrancesco. By far, Monika with her two scenes stole the show and for that reason prevented this video from being just a RECOMMENDED rating.  

RATING: Highly Recommended



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