Sasha Grey’s Anatomy

Sasha Grey’s Anatomy had so much potential to mirror its mainstream counterpart, but it’s a bunch of vignettes connected to each other very loosely. Despite not living up to its hype, there are a couple of scenes that are really hot like Sasha Grey’s and Courtney James’ scenes, respectively. However, I do appreciate it that they filmed the video in an abandoned hospital/clinic giving it more of an authentic look despite the aged medical equipment.

Starring: Sasha Grey, Bobbi Eden, Courtney James, Jayme Langford, Mia Smiles, and Faye Regan

Running Length: ~1 hour 54 minutes

The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 5-6 Mbps with the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 48 khz at 192 kbps. The picture quality is a bit bland with the fleshtones not depicted accurately. Hopefully, this improves in the Blu-ray version of the movie. For the most part, the sound quality is average. For example, Sasha Grey’s narrative is hard to hear at some points in the movie.

The extras include trailers, slideshow and a 29 minute BTS. The BTS featurette is not as good as other ones I have seen and reviewed. At one point, one of the people behind the movie comments how surprised that no one tried to do a Gray’s Anatomy porn spoof yet. The BTS fell flat for me although it’s fun to see Sasha all serious scanning her lines while having her hair and makeup being done.

The first scene stars the outspoken starlet Sasha Grey as a doctor with a penchant of having sex in odd locations. In this instance, she along with a patient of her are in a morgue where she wants to have sex with him. Her patient is freaked out when she opens one of the morgue refrigerators enclosing a cadaver. Soon, his anxiety is lessened when Sasha delivers her devastating blowjob. After the wet fellatio, he jams his rod right into her ass and fucks her rough and hard. In the end, she takes a nice load on her face and tongue, which she spits out on his cock.

Bobbi Eden plays a doctor who made a living as a pornstar in the past. Her patient’s chief complaint is premature ejaculation and he brings up the challenging question of whether her prior skills will somehow alleviate his problem. After some small talk, she has her lips locked on his fuck-stick. This leads to an energetic fuck session, where her patient is able to last the whole entire time until stroking off onto her feet.

Sasha Grey narrates this scene like the prior and introduces her colleague who is a former neurosurgeon turned erectile dysfunction specialist. In this vignette, he’s trying to help this couple feeling the effects of ED. What better way to help the couple then to have an opportunity to have sex with the ED patient’s lover, Courtney James. Soon, the young brunette has two large cocks fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time before cumming all over her pretty face.

As in most social settings, the hospital or clinic is a source of rumors. In this case, Mia Smiles, who plays a clinical psychologist hears rumors that a medical secretary played by the redhead Jayme Langford loves a little girl/girl action. Mia presses Jayme on this issue and it doesn’t take too long before the two ladies are engaging in all veggie action. It’s a traditional finger-fuck and tongue-lick girl/girl session with very good heat between the two. Perhaps the best part is when Mia treats the secretary like shit after the encounter ends!

The last scene stars another redhead Faye Regan playing Sasha Grey’s nurse. She’s helping Dr. Sasha with the next case of priapism, which is painful erections. After Sasha leaves the scene, the nurse takes advantage of the patient’s condition and starts sucking him before letting him fuck her hard. In the end, she takes a small facial.

In summary, Sasha Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t live up to its mainstream counterpart. Except for Sasha Grey’s and Courtney James’ scenes, the other scenes are average at best. Although this is a porno, I would expect to have some sort of unifying theme among the five vignettes, but there wasn’t one at all. They were loosely held together by Sasha Grey’s narrative, which could have been improved. I would have given this a RECOMMENDED, but the audio/visual quality is a bit disappointing and hopefully it’s rectified in the Blu-ray version.

RATING: Rent it

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