Meet Cassidey

Ethan Kane brings his dark and edgy style for this Ninn Worx_SR release. Although as of late, Cassidey is no longer a contract star with them, at least we get to see her in a few releases like this one and the upcoming The Four.

Starring: Cassidey, Samantha Sin, Celeste Star, and Gabriella Rossi

Running Length: ~1 hour 41 minutes



The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-6 Mbps with the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 48 khz at 224 kbps. The picture quality is very good with consistent fleshtones. For the most part, the sound quality is good, but in some parts the sex sounds are a little faint. The musical soundtrack has a good beat and mood and it sounds like English trip-hop bands like Massive Attack. 

The extras include a slideshow and a 21 minute BTS. Samantha Sin admits the first time she had anal sex in her personal life she used shampoo conditioner as lubricant, which was really an eye-opener. Furthermore, Cassidey’s interview was priceless where she confesses that she did 4 guys one-at-a-time in one night. At one point, the interviewer jokingly says that she has a guy’s attitude when it comes to the booty call. This is one of those companies that actually make good BTS segments. Click here for my in-depth interview of Cassidey!

The first scene has former Ninn Worx_SR contract star Cassidey wandering down a dark and damp corridor until she’s met by her partner. The two make eye contact and it doesn’t take too long for Cassidey performing a thorough and wet blowjob. Cassidey’s been in the industry for a long-time and this time the makeup and hair make her look different in a good way than her prior videos. The scene leads to her getting filled up with cock in the doggie position on a mattress in the center of the concrete room. Finally, she takes a facial like a pro and cleans him up with post-coital licking.

Before the next scene, Cassidey in her black fetish gear along with the stripper boots lingers around until Samantha Sin can play with her male friend. The blonde Samantha Sin has been in numerous releases for the company giving its videos a hard edge since she’s anal friendly. Meanwhile, Cassidey watches Samantha enjoying some good oral, but then leaves. Samantha returns the favor with some good head before receiving up her love box in the doggy position. This leads to the hard anal, which she is accustomed to. The scene ends with a cumshot to her face resulting in a nice jizz streak.

Next is a girl/girl scene starring Cassidey and Celeste Star. The location gives the scene a futuristic look with the metal paneling in the background. Unlike Brea’s girl/girl scene in Meet Brea, Cassidey relies on the use of a dildo to get them both off. From the very beginning, we know who’s the boss as Cassidey uses the dildo to good effect on Celeste, but then she relinquishes power and lets Celeste go to work on her. By the time, the scene ends both ladies are spent. 

The fourth scene stars Gabriella Rossi in an abandoned brick building performing a tease until she busies her mouth with two cocks. She attacks their rods as she has been starved of meat for days. After the energetic, she accommodates all her orifices to them resulting in a double penetration. There is good chemistry during the scene and it finally ends with cum on her face and breasts!

The last scene has Cassidey looking like her normal self with her hair down instead of the ‘chic coiffe’ from the first scene.  She’s wearing a sexy turquoise top. The scene has great intensity starting from the fellatio and all the way through the heated doggie and awesome reverse cowgirl position. Cassidey has been around the industry on and off, but she still looks fresh and energetic as ever. In the end, she takes an open-mouthed facial complete with post-coital sucking! She does a nice job giving the camera good eye contact as she finishes him off. 

In summary, Meet Cassidey carries a different style than the prior Meet videos since this one is directed by Ethan Kane who really has a different shooting style. The dark imagery may turn off the general viewer, but sex-wise, the scenes are good. 

RATING: Recommended



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