Meet Brea

The Michael Ninn directed video is another great release that balances glamour with hardcore. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve both without sacrificing the quality of the product, but Ninn has managed to do just that in this release.

Starring: Brea Bennett, Kelly Wells, Celeste Star, and Samantha Sin

Running Length: ~2 hours 13 minutes



The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 6 Mbps with the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 48 khz at 224 kbps. The picture quality is superb with accurate fleshtones and good lighting. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have good, high-quality locations to shoot. In fact, the shooting of several scenes looked like a highly-polished music video. In addition, the sound quality is very good, especially when Brea delivers her dirty talk. Furthermore, the ambient ‘Enigma-like’ music definitely matches the mood in most of the scenes. 

The extras include a slideshow accompanied by good ambient music and a 23 minute behind the scenes featurette, which is also presented in widescreen. Brea admits that she loves playing golf and her professionals idols are Tiger Woods and the LPGA hottie Kristie Kerr. There are other good interviews like Kelly Wells’ with her retelling a story about how one guy suddenly had performance anxiety when she asked him to fuck her hard and rough. Kudos to Lorraine Sisco and the BTS man for making BTS worth to watch.

The first scene has the lovely Brea Bennett wearing a sexy secretary skirt with a white blouse. She circles her prey until she goes in for the killer kiss. Soon, her natural breasts are exposed. This starts a chain reaction leading leading to her lips locked on his cock. After a thorough throatfuck complete with some very nice eye-contact, he fucks her raw in several different positions including the very popular doggie. However, the icing on the cake is literally the well-captured cumshot complete with lingering eye contact!

Before the second scene begins, Brea shows her dirty talking narrative skills by telling the viewers that Kelly Wells is going to get fucked in the ass. If you don’t know the blonde Kelly Wells, she’s a seasoned veteran in the industry known for anal scenes. But, before the assfucking begins, Nick Manning strikes the right ‘chord’ with Kelly using his fingers and tongue at the same time. At one point, Kelly looks as if she were in ecstasy with the rough oral. After the regular intercourse, she takes every inch of him in her ass until he jerks off onto her face.

The next scene is an all-veggie one starring Brea with Celeste Star. Celeste Star has sultry eyes and a great body, which definitely makes the g/g scene all the more hotter. The two ladies have matching red dresses with black ruffles, but soon they are in their birthday suits. Unlike some other g/g scenes, there is no dildo involved so they have to use manual skill with their tongues and fingers. There is definitely very good chemistry going on in this well-captured scene.

Brea ups the ante with the dirty talk as she unleashes Samantha Sin’s sexual animal. The dirty is very effective without going over-the-top as other performers in the industry have done. After Brea’s ‘pep-talk,’ Samantha takes on one guy and another. The blonde Samantha is no stranger to double penetrations and in this scene she gets it hard and fast. In the end, she receives an adequate dousing of cum on her chin and all over her breasts. This is yet another good scene and Brea’s dirty talk to Samantha Sin was top-notch!

The video ends with Brea wrapping up a boy/girl scene. It’s pretty much a standard scene in terms of intensity and it definitely doesn’t beat out her performance in the first scene. After her partner fucks her hard, he pulls out and dumps a load on her natural tits. 

In summary, Meet Brea is a very good introduction to Brea Bennett, one of the few remaining Ninn Worx_SR contract girls. If you like sexy, hot natural blondes with a penchant and skill in dirty talk, then she’s a good match. The remaining cast members provide that balance of hardcore with the anal-loving Kelly Wells and the dp-freak Samantha Sin! Furthermore, there’s a well-captured natural girl/girl session starring Brea and Celeste included in the video! 

RATING: Highly Recommended!



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