Innocence: Bad Bad Girl

innocencebadgirl.jpgThe Halle Vanderhyden directed video is a great release if you are into glamour hardcore and chances are it may just be enough to satisfy those gonzo purists out there! For Evelyn Lin fans, this video is a must because she’s never looked so good!

Starring: Evelyn Lin, Kissy Capri, April Aubrey, Samantha Sin, Sandy Summers, and Veronique Vega

Running Length: ~2 hours 4 minutes


The movie is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 5-6 Mbps with the audio endoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. The picture quality is sharp and for the most part the color saturation for flesh tones are accurate. In addition, the sound quality is good overall when it comes to the actual sex sounds. However, the jazzy music selection is not to my liking unlike their prior releases.

For the extras, there’s a photo gallery and a 33 minute BTS. I appreciate the fact that the BTS was executed very well, especially the great interview with UC student Evelyn Lin and the studious Veronique Vega. It seems to me the talent of pornstars are coming from diverse backgrounds since Veronique Vega confesses she’s taking the LSAT soon so she can apply to law school! I am sure she won’t have a problem moving up the ranks from associate to partner! There are other candid moments throughout when he asks the girls to give their best funny/orgasm facial expression and the only one coming close was Kissy Capri. Now, as for the photo gallery, I didn’t like the pseudo-watermark that overlaps the stills.

First up is Evelyn Lin, a hot Chinese-American, wearing a elegant/slutty piece while standing on a rotating platform next to puzzle piece seats. She looks extremely scrumptious with the sexy makeup. In fact, this is the sexiest look she’s had. Soon, she’s joined by a guy who eats her out and she squeals with delight. After briefly returning the favor, she gets her Asian love box stretched open in reverse cowgirl. Next, she gets fucked in different position including a heated standing doggie. The scene finishes with him unloading on her face. It’s a nice ending complete with lingering post-coital and cum-play!

Next is the innocent looking Veronique Vega who’s in a black polka dot red dress. After the tease segment, her partner appears and instantly goes for her Latin pleasure box with his agile tongue. Soon, the aspiring lawyer has her lips locked securely on his cock and starts giving a wet and sloppy blowjob. Unfortunately, she squeals like one of those Hentai characters and that can become highly annoying. Anyway, her partner fucks her really hard in doggie. The scene ends with a cumshot to her face complete with great eye contact from Veronique!

From now until the end of the movie, it’s an all blonde affair starting with a sapphic scene with the busty American April Aubrey and the ‘girl-next-door’ Brazilian Sandy Summers. There’s great chemistry between the two and it’s all the more apparent when April makes Sandy cum by fucking her with a sex toy while Sandy is straddling the chrome bed fixtures! This is a good scene with good energy!

Samantha Sin continues the blonde streak and brings the video a step up in terms of sexual level since she does anal. The cute cover girl with sexy shoulder length hair wears a black and white polka dot dress, which definitely shows off her stripper body. It doesn’t take too long before she’s performing a wet and nasty oral including some deep throat. She’s definitely made to be fucked hard and he puts her to the test with regular fucking until he plunges his cock inside her ass. Finally, ‘droppin loads’ Manning paints her face with loads of ball snot to end a very hot and nasty scene and probably the best on the video!

The last scene stars Kissy Capri who is definitely not the most ‘innocent’ of the bunch since she is dp-friendly. This is a rather odd scene filled with separate and discontinous intercourse where she fucks one guy and then the scene shows her fucking another guy until out of the blue she’s in the middle of a heated double penetration. The intensity is good despite the unorthodox manner of this scene. Finally, after the throatfucking, they cum all over her face resulting in jizz dripping down to her breasts.

In summary, Innocence Bad Bad Girl, is a good release from Ninn Worx_SR. There are several intangibles that made me bump this video up one notch and these include the fact that I’ve never seen Evelyn Lin look this good and I have opened up my eyes to Samantha Sin who’s a great performer with a sexy look. Others may rate this as RECOMMENDED, but those two scenes were deal-breakers to me. The weakest scene is the DP scene because I didn’t like how the scenes were discontinuous. Furthermore, the BTS was truly a delight to watch and interesting, especially the interviews for Evelyn and Veronique!

RATING: Highly Recommended!


  1. ok im gonna pick this up this weekend!!
    im gonna trust you…and i dont trust ANYONE when it comes to my porn! xoxo

  2. Nice . . . you should get yourself a Blu-ray player and check out the movie Sunny Loves Matt . . . very nice movie too. Enjoy! Thanks!

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