Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-ray)

Sunny Loves Matt is Vivid’s first Blu-ray release for 2008 and more importantly Sunny’s first boy/girl movie! Directed by acclaimed Vivid frontman B. Skow, this all-sex romp has some very memorable scenes, especially all three scenes starring the lovely Sunny Leone who is set to star in a mainstream Bollywood release! Find out whether her boy/girl premiere is worth the 3 year wait!  

Starring: Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander, Rebeca Linares, Ann Marie, and Megan Monroe

Running Length: ~2 hours 55 minutes

The movie is presented in widescreen in 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a Mbps range of 11-12 Mbps, although sometimes it drops to single digits. The audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 48kHz at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, there are moments where there is considerable grain, especially during the tease sequences. For example, when Sunny is cleaning the window there is very noticeable grain. Also, it seems that a filter is used since the scenes have a softer look than the sharp BTS segment. Regardless, whether it’s due to style or technical aspects, you can certainly tell that this is a HD product. Although its HD quality cannot compare to the Blu-ray transfer of No Country For Old Men, there are improvements noticed from Vivid’s first Blu-ray release. Most of the tracks accompanying the tease scenes are very good except for the music accompanying Rebeca’s scene. Furthermore, I would like to know who the artist singing the music for Sunny’s scene with Ann Marie. The sounds captured by the microphones is a problem for most adult productions and it is apparent in this one as it’s sometimes difficult to hear the action clearly, especially when the audio is cross-mixed with music.

All the extras are presented in widescreen and they include a 19 minute BTS, 5 bonus scenes [taken from Foreplay, Love Live, Pop Star, Savanna Loves Sex, and It’s Sunny In Brazil with the latter two being extremely worth watching!], 4 movie trailers, 6 slideshows, and positions room, which breaks the scenes into as you’d guess positions! The BTS is pretty interesting where we get to see more of the lovely Sunny Leone discuss various subjects like her enhanced breasts as well as more glimpses of her costars! This release is chock full of extras that are worthwile, which means it should keep you fairly busy for some time. Kudos for Vivid in the extras department since they are usually sparse in terms of their initial HD releases.

The main feature consists of five scenes with the exotic and sexy Sunny Leone in three of them with only one of those being a 100% vegetarian scene. Before every scene, there’s some sort of a tease sequence involved whether it’s Rebeca teasing her partner with a striptease while he’s watching porno on tv or with Sunny suprising her beau with an extra female playmate in the form of Ann Marie.

Sunny hits the ground rounding with her first boy/girl scene, which her fans have been waiting forever . . . three years to be specific! To make a long story short, she does not disappoint! The scene starts off with Sunny Leone in her pink dress doing some housework like cleaning the windows, but it escalates to a tease session and finally to full-blown sex! Her fellatio skills are top-notch as well as her sexual energy throughout the scene, especially when she rides him reverse cowgirl style! Her raw sensuality really comes out as it did when she was exclusively vegetarian. Indeed, this scene is really an eye-opener with one of the better ‘two-part’ endings both ending with post-coital cleanup! First, she takes a voluminous open-mouthed cumshot with it firmly inside her mouth, which she subsequently spits out onto her enhanced breasts! Then, he continues to fuck her raw until he launches another milky load just all over her pussy! Honestly, I didn’t think that her first b/g scene would be this good, but I’m glad I was wrong. Surely, this scene will be one of the most memorable for 2008!

Next up is the under-rated Spanish hottie, Rebeca Linares, who performs a vaginal only scene. It starts with pseudo-Los Lobos music while Rebeca stripteases in front of her beau, who is watching porno on the widescreen. After the nice foreplay, she gets extra freaky with her hip and pelvice motions while she’s getting it reverse cowgirl style! In the end, she takes a great facial that literally destroys her face!

The third scene stars Sunny Leone and a cute brunette, Ann Marie. Apparently, Sunny has a surprise for her voyeur loving beau in the form of Ann Marie! The two sexy ladies with their individually matching orange and turquoise colored lingerie get frisky for some veggie lovin’! The lovely Sunny hands over a camcorder to her beau while she gets busy with her new playmate. As with her prior girl/girl scenes Sunny does not disappoint. The hottest moment is when Ann Marie sucks on a dildo while the other end gets penetrated into Sunny’s box until she climaxes!

Megan Monroe is an average looking blonde with a noticeable mole near her nose. For me, this is probably the weakest scene on the video and it really did nothing for me. At least, it ends with a cum-blast that glues her right eye shut. Luckily for her, her partner is kind enough to wipe away the jizz so she can see the light!

Finally, the last scene involves the two Vivid megastars Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander in an energetic threesome. The gals walk hand-in-hand in clubbing type clothes before they strip down to their sexy bikinis while Sunny’s partner looks from the distance. After the erotic tease happening in front of the sliding door, the ladies come into the room where they perform a tag-team POV blowjob. This escalates with him inserting his rod into Sunny’s box before taking most of the time fucking the lovely blonde, Monique. Sunny proves that she can be nasty by performing some pussy-to-mouth action and ass-rimming on Monique! In the end, he pulls out of Monique’s juicy lips and cums on Sunny’s face leaving a huge cum trail! Summarily, she spits some of it onto Monique’s behind before they both perform post-coital oral pleasure! What an explosive scene to end this movie!

In summary, Sunny Loves Matt delivers the goods and then some! Never did I imagine that Sunny Leone could be this nasty, especially on her first boy/girl video! Needless to say, she is a very naughty naughty girl! Now, with regarding whether this release is worth it on Blu-ray . . . I would say yes! Although the HD transfer is far from perfection, it does show an incremental step in the right direction as compared to Vivid’s first Blu-ray release. Now, the only bad thing is whether Sunny can sustain or exceed the intensity in her future scenes since she set the bar pretty high! Well, time will tell! In the mean time, enjoy her first boy/girl video!

RATING: Highly Recommended!

    • SkyDive
    • April 29th, 2008

    Nice review!
    Was wondering if you know the song from the first scene.Maybe it’s listed at the ending of the movie?
    Im crazy about it….

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