Upload: Director’s Cut

Upload, quite simply, reinvents the adult feature. It truly deserves the 8 AVN awards because of the engaging script and because of two stars, Hillary and Eva, who hit their lines perfectly. The two ladies definitely have set acting in adult to a new level!

Starring: Eva Angelina, Hillary Scott, Sandra Romain, Julie Night, Adrianna Nicole, Flick Shagwell, Michelle Ashton, Lorelei Lee, Madison Young, Trina Michaels, Kylie Ireland, Delilah Strong, Marsha Lord, Kayden Faye, Faye Runaway, Aiden Starr, Veronica Rayne, Carly Parker, and Shannon Kelly

Running Length: ~4 hours and 44 minutes

The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen with a ratio of 1.78:1 and encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4.5-5.0 Mbps. The visual quality is revolutionary for the adult industry since it takes stylistic cues from Minority Report with the processed colors throughout most of the film giving the movie a futuristic look. Also, at one point cinema noir technique is used for a dream sequence. If you are into Paul Greengrass films with the moving camera as in The Bourne Ultimatum, then you will its influence on this video. I must say I am really impressed with the picture quality. As discussed in Disc 3, the post-production team gave the feature its cutting edge style with the composite layers on the lucite computer props and screens. The audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 kbps. The vocals are definitely better than most adult features out there, but where the audio excels is the music! The music reminded me of Eric Serra’s musical score for James Bond’s Goldeneye, so it has that industrial techno theme going, which I like!

The extras are covered on DISC 3 and DISC 4 with the former comprising of four featurettes and latter comprising of “standard” features. On DISC 3, I really enjoyed the post-production featurette showing how hard the team worked from creating the movie’s unique look to the computer-generated cars and explosions. On DISC 4, there is a bonus scene starring Katja Kassin in a ~22 minute anal scorcher! For those who want to know the difference between the standard adult script of 10 pages and Upload’s script, which is 68 pages long, a .pdf file is included on the DVD. Among the other features on DISC 4 include the Kylie Ireland directed ‘rough cut’ of the movie using hand puppets (a la now-defunct Pets.com) to convey the gist of the movie. Another helpful feature is the dictionary of terms for all the technospeak covered in the movie. Finally, there’s the original dojo scene starring Eva Angelina before it was CGI-enhanced, which takes cues from the Matrix dojo scene. 

Eva Angelina is a strong-minded Federal Law Enforcement Agent for the Digital Security Agency (DSA), which is part of Homeland Security. However, her only achilles heel is that she’s obsessed with the hardcore sex virtual reality sims that she’s supposed to police. To make matters worse, her original partner dies in the line of fire in a failed raid. Her new partner is Michael Born, a straight-edged Agent, who wants to do everything by the book.

The story is told in flashbacks since Eva is under administrative leave and under interrogation through DSA’s Internal Affairs investigator. The investigator fishes around to find Eva’s motives regarding the Tesla/Gagarin incident. Apparently, Eva has created informants or sources regarding new trends in these so-called SIMs. Her contact admits that there is this new chip on the market, which acts like a supervirus that affects the GRID, which ultimately affects the security of information. With the help of her partner, they raid a SIM shop and take into custody a Jane Doe, a person of interest, who only goes by the name Tesla (played by Hillary Scott). She’s suspected to have the ‘supervirus’ chip on her. After a very thorough cavity check, the chip still cannot be found until Eva ups the ante with her method of interrogation. However, Tesla warns her that the secret is so profound that they have to shut off all their electronic devices while she discusses what the chip really is. Apparently, her boyfriend Gagarin electronically uploaded his soul/persona onto the GRID to wreak havoc. The ‘supervirus’ is actually a way to kill Gagarin’s persona from the GRID. Unfortunately, Eva didn’t shut off her electronic devices and so now the three of them are on the run from electomagnetic firing satellites and other meanies. They seek refuge at a hotel where Hillary confesses that she’s not from this world and her world is the virtual world. After being kidnapped by malicious hackers, the DSA agents escape from the alternate sexual realities. We get to see Eva kick some major ass as soon as she wakes up from her sexual fantasy when she beats up the guys that have taken turns violating her. Once the DSA agents wake up Tesla from her wired slumber, Tesla hooks up to the GRID to terminate Gagarin from the network and take his place.

Intermingled between the flashbacks are the 12 sex scenes, which are really hardcore since this is the Director’s Cut complete with fisting and such. The fisting scenes may be too explicit for the average viewer and so I would recommend the regular, edited version. Both Eva Angelina and Hillary Scott have the most scenes in the movie. I will only mention the notable ones. The movie was hyped because this is the first movie that Eva did anal and a true-life double penetration. Her first scene is a threesome starring the rough and tumble Sandra Romain and it has some edgy hardcore anal action including a simulated DP with Sandra Romain taking Eva with a strap-on. However, the ultimate scene is the Digital Hell orgy scene where Eva takes huge loads on her face after taking her first true double penetration. Hillary Scott is no slouch with a very heated 5-on-1 gangbang scene amongst her other scenes. Another interesting scene is when Eva’s partner is living in a Cinema noir fantasy where he has a great time with the anal-friendly Kylie Ireland and Delilah Strong.

In summary, this $375,000 adult feature is a revolutionary production. It fires on all cylinders from the acting, to the script, to the directing, to the music, and to the special effects. I have never seen such a complete adult movie to date.


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