The Sunny Experiment (HD-DVD)

This is Sunny Leone’s latest Vivid movie and is directed by B. Skow, who is one of the company’s talented directors and has directed prior features like ‘Stood Up’. Historically speaking, this is Sunny’s first movie ever since she re-signed with Vivid. In this release, Sunny Leone gives us a little peek into her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies! The Canadian vixen with an exotic background performs 3 full scenes and 1 brief solo masturbation scene. Her scenes prove that Sunny has incredible onscreen personality that translates into very hot scenes! This is just a warmup as Sunny will be releasing a boy/girl feature in 2008!Starring: Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander, Cassidy Clay, Brea Lynn, Celeste Star, and Nadia Styles

Running Length: ~ 2 hours 56 minutes

The film is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen in 1080p and is encoded in VC-1 with a Mbps range of 13-16. The audio is encoded in Dolby Digital Plus 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of image quality, the image quality is sharp and the colors are vibrant, but there are some moments, whether it’s for stylized effect, there is overexposure in the scenes, which affects the skin and flesh tone. The audio is crisp and clear, especially when Sunny Leone is in the ‘Real World’ confessional room where she comments on the prior or following scene. The music style varies from horrendous generic music during Sunny’s introduction tease sequence, but thankfully it becomes better throughout.

Extras include a ~8 min BTS presented in anamorphic widescreen in 1080p, a photo gallery, and trailers. The BTS video shows Sunny preparing for the confessional room segments. There are some ‘pre-game’ festivities with Sunny and Monique munching down on food before the very hot principal vs. bad student girl scene! The other moments consist of Sunny confessing that in school she was a good girl, but now she’s transformed into a bad girl . . . hehe . . . why is it always the case, but oh so true! The photo gallery presentation is done well with good accompanying techno music. Finally, there are trailers for the following: Pop Star, Vivid-Ed, Brand New Faces, and Dana DeArmond’s Role Modeling.

As mentioned earlier, the movie focuses on the ‘dark recesses’ of Sunny”s mind in creating very sensual scenes. Before the first scene, Sunny talks dirty to the camera inside a ‘Real World’ style confessional room where she’s introducing us to her naughty fantasies. This is followed by a strip tease complete with some Grade A dirty talk!

In the first scene, Sunny lives out her fantasy as a sexy principal disciplining fellow Vivid girl Monique Alexander who was caught smoking in the bathroom. Sunny looks smoking hot with her bitchy lawyer-type power clothes. Before then, ‘Principal’ Sunny feels horny enough to do a solo session before she’s interrupted by a phone call informing her of Monique’s infraction. Sunny quickly buttons up so she looks presentable as a stern ‘principal.’ Once Monique is in the principal’s office for ‘disciplining,’ the very steamy girl/girl session begins. Sunny shows her who’s boss and uses a yard ruler to expose Monique’s panties before she taunts Monique’s upper torso with the ruler. Monique strips for the camera and gives a very hot strip tease before exposing her meaty vagina. This leads Sunny to give a thorough ‘tongue-lashing’ to Monique followed by thorough dildo fucking. Now Monique returns the favor to ‘Princial’ Sunny before she cums! In fact, during the confessional sequence that follows the scene, Sunny mentions that she was really into the scene.

The next scene starring Cassidy Clay and Marco Banderas is pretty much a standard sex scene where he plays a ‘John’ who has ordered up a ‘call girl’ for the night and fucks her hard. There’s a whole lot of fucking and sucking. Finally, it ends with a facial. One thing in terms of technical quality is that the scene suffered from overexposure.

Before the third scene starts, Sunny is yet again in the confessional booth joined by the big-breated Brea Lynn. Sunny is so hot for Brea that she actually helps Brea show off her big tits and a firm and full ass for a white girl before the threesome show hits the road. In this scene, Sunny provides ’emotional’ and secondary support while Brea gets throttled by James Deen . . . so we’ll have to wait for 2008 when Sunny will break her ‘vegetarian’ diet onscreen! This scene starts with passionate kissing between the two girls while he watches. After the romantic beginning, the scene picks up the nastiness with Sunny fingering Brea to happiness. Finally, he joins into the fray and fucks Brea while Sunny enjoys tongue service while sitting on Brea’s face. This is a very hot scene ending with cum all over Brea’s breasts. The only negative about the scene is with regards to the visual quality . . . the overexposure. Other than that, this is a H-O-T scene because of the sexual chemistry of Brea and Sunny. In fact, during the confessional booth sequence after the scene, Sunny mentions that she was so turned on ‘squirted twice’!

If you thought that scene was hot, then you won’t be disappointed with the next one starring Sunny and Celeste Star. While Brea Lynn is a vivacious beauty Celeste Star has the waifish look like average past pornstar Sierra Sinn. The scene starts with Celeste instructing Sunny to undress before getting on the massage table. The beauty and sensuality of the scene all begins with the slow and erotic massage given to Sunny. Things becomes steamier when the massage becomes X-rated when Celeste uses her nimble fingers to massage Sunny down there. Then, the scene moves to the couch where the heavy lesbian lovemaking session hits full gear with the use of a large dildo. There are two things that become clear by the scene’s end . . . one, Sunny is a screamer if you weren’t convinced already . . . two, both girls came so hard! The latter is confirmed when Sunny mentioned she came so hard that she even squirted!

Sunny sets up the next vignette with Nadia Styles playing a prisoner who gives into the unreasonable prison guards’ demands to fuck her in the ass for a cigarette. The scene starts rather abruptly and it doesn’t have the same working up of the intensity as the prior scenes. It doesn’t take too long for Nadia to have cock in her mouth! In other words, this scene is filmed like a traditional gonzo scene, which Nadia is very familiar to, especially with her gonzo movies for Van Styles and Video Team. Needless to say, Nadia is not as cute as her fellow latinas Jasmine Byrne, Lela Star, and company. However, in terms of sexual skills she’s up there with the best of them especially with her exceptional oral skills. After the thorough anal, she receives a cumshot to her pussy and a facial for all her efforts! This is a good scene, but as mentioned before, there was not as much work-up as the other scenes, especially the ‘Principal’ scene,

Finally, the movie ends with a brief solo masturbation session of Sunny with the help of a vibrator in the confessional room until she cums very quickly!

In summary, the Sunny Experiment is a good movie with very memorable moments like scenes one, three, and four. It’s apparent that Sunny Leone has an infectious personality, which translates into very hot scenes. It looked as if Sunny was really into the scenes instead of just being there, which is definitely a plus! Where it stumbled a little was the the average story lines for Cassidy’s and Nadia’s scenes. However, this should not detract from the many positives of the movie!


    • Coochie
    • July 3rd, 2009

    Sunny Leone is so gorgeous.I loved her 1st scene,she talks so dirty ,she made me WANK OFF again.

    I always WANK OFF when i watch Sunny Leone doing her Business.

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