The Best By Private 76: Princesses of Darkness

This compilation is certainly unique as it displays the best of black pornstars from across the Private world. There’s a good number of established American starlets like Marie Luv, Jada Fire, and others. Furthermore, there’s a good selection of international mulattas from Brazil and the Czech Republic. There are scenes which are very good while others are only average.

Starring: Marie Luv, Jenna Brooks, Sandy Rio, Mercedes Ashley, Lisa, Mandelin Crox, and Jada Fire

Running Length: ~ 2 hours 1 minute

The DVD is encoded in MPEG-2 with a decent bitrate and the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps. The lighting is sketchy in several scenes, but it’s definitely noticeable in Skeeter Kerkove’s scene with Jada Fire. Not only is the lighting sketchy, but the color red is oversaturated. Except for the foreign accents in the different scenes, the audio and dialogue is mostly discernible.

As far as specials are concerned, there is the standard cast info and trailers, which is run of the mill and bare bones.

Out of the seven scenes, only three of them are actually worthy enough to discuss. The first scene starring Marie Luv and directed by Sexkicks is a throwback of the age old porn scenario of two guys hunting down a girl in a warehouse. By the time, the two men find her, she’s busy twiddling her ass with her finger. Soon, she turns her attention at sucking them and showing off her aggressive fellatio skillis. After the sucking, she takes it in the ass until they fuck her in a standing dp before she takes the sticky facials! All in all, it was a very nice scene with great intensity.

The next scene is the best of the compilation starring a sexy Brazilian mulatto, Sandy Rio, who looks more “Brazilian” than black. Other important stats include her sexy tongue piercing, contact lenses, and her hot DSL lips. This scene was directed by a long-time Private collaborator JF Romagnoli who has shot some lovelies in the past like Maria Bellucci and he has the knack of getting a lot of intensity from the girls and this scene proves that fact. The threesome is heated throughout the scene including some hot DP ending in one weak facial and one very thick and stickly load on her pretty face of hers!

Tom Herold directs a scene from “Sex Addicts” starring an ebony Czech lady, Lisa. It’s a nice scene complete with steady intensity from the good oral to the doggie and finally to the anal. First, he takes it slow fucking her ass, but turns up the speed fucking her in the ass doggie style. But, in the end he barely manages an average facial.

The other four scenes were average at best and did not help either that two of the four remaining scenes were directed by Alessandro del Mar who is in charge of the Tropical productions. Technically, his directing style is fine, but the talent don’t seem like they are enjoying themselves at all. It’s way too mechanical for me. The other two are directed by North American directors Michael Ninn and Skeeter Kerkove. Michael Ninn is known for visually stunning features and scenes, but this scene is too weird for my tastes, which has Steve Holmes in the end acting like he has a seizure. The Skeeter Kerkove scene stars one of the top black-American pornstars Jada Fire in yet another hard acrobatic anal scene all with the requisite slut pumps and slutty gear involved.

In summary, there are some very good scenes as already mentioned with that of Sandy Rio’s being the most outstanding. Despite three good scenes, the other four scenes managed to be average for me.


  1. Well i general I like “all the Best of…. because it gives a good view of what top porno filming is no more no less
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  1. October 17th, 2007

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