Island Fever 4 (HD-DVD)

Digital Playground under the direction of Joone and the assistance of Robby D. has really outdone themselves with the groundbreaking HD-DVD version of their best selling Island Fever 4. The movie is breathtaking and provides “true escapist porn” to iron out the daily grind!

Starring: Jesse Jane, Sohpia Santi, Teagan Presley, Jana Cova, Kinzie Kenner, and Marie Luv

Running Length: ~3 hours 18 minutes

The HD-DVD is presented in anamorphic 16×9 1.85:1 ratio in full HD 1080p and is encoded in VC-1 with a Mbps range from ~12 to 20. The audio comes in three different flavors including: 1) Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 at 384 Kbps 2) Dolby Digital Plus 2.0 at 224 Kbps 3) Dolby Digital Plus 2.0 at 224 Kbps [commentary]. The lighting was superb capturing the “feel” of being in Bora Bora. The image is mesmerizing and I would have to say this is one of the most visually stunning productions in the industry to date. I cannot comment about the sound in technical detail since I only use the speakers on my HDTV, but I can discern that the music is appropriate to the action and it sets the mood for the sex. Other might have wanted an alternate “real sex” track, but it was the aim to stick with the fantasy ideal.

With regards to the on-screen pop-up menus, I had no problem navigating through them. In fact, the pop-up menus were more comprehensive thanks to the multitude of special features that’s included on one 30GB dual-layer HD-DVD. In fact, the interactive pop-up menus were even better than mainstream HD-DVD releases . . . no joke, it’s that good. For the most part, the special features are the very same ones, but in HD, included in the 3 Disc SD version of Island Fever 4. However, there were some noticeable differences such as the different array of trailers presented as it seems that some of Robby D’s hottest work may see the light of day on HD-DVD like the sexually-charged “Cockasian” starring the lovely Tia Tanaka and company. The special features include the following: BTS Featurette, BTS Confessionals, BTS Slideshow with Star Audio Commentary, Crazy Evan’s Island Movie, Bora Bora Moments, Photo Gallery, Feature Stars’ Audio Commentary, Biographies, Bonus Trailers, and wallpapers that you can download. The wealth of special features murders the competition . . . it has set high a standard, which companies looking to produce on HD format may need to emulate in the near future. My favorite parts of the special features included when Jana Cova is asked to say naughty phrases in her native Czech. It’s too bad that the lovely Jana Cova who has graced the pages of adult men’s magazines as well as mainstream FHM magazines has finised her contract with Digital Playground. Also, the slideshow with commentary was worth the watch.

Island Fever 4 embodies what escapist porn is supposed to be . . . to escape from the stressful realities of work whether it is a lawyer coping up with billable hours or a doctor who has to attend to patient’s needs throughout the day. Viewers want to see a better and brighter future and this is what Island Fever 4 embodies . . . sex in lush tropical backgrounds with a nice and soothing accompanying sound track.

The 16 scenes, yes 16 SEX scenes, run the gamut from girl/girl, lesbian orgies, and your basic boy/girl setup. I’m only going to mention the ones that caught my attention. When the Island Fever 4 cast list came out, I was shocked that a hardcore “gonzo” non-contract star Kinzie Kenner would be in the movie. But, quickly those fears were quickly relieved as she performs a scene that is not over the top as some of her scenes throughout her career. She’s one of the best fellatio artists in the business and Marco Banderas puts her to the test. There was great intensity between the couple and it just showed even more when she’s riding his cock until the very nice and very sticky facial! I never get tired of watching Kinzie Kenner’s scenes as she’s always able to bring the best out her costar like she has done in past movies . . . this time with a cumshot that hits her eyes, which isn’t the first that’s happened to her!

Because of scheduling difficulties and life, Teagan Presley wasn’t able to be in prior Island Fevers so IF4 marks the first time and I’m sure not the last time that she will be in this series. One of her scenes caught my attention where Teagan gets some massive carpet-munching done to her by Tommy Gunn before the steamy vaginal sex started. The scene ends with a nice facial and for the record this one of the steamier scenes that I have seen from her . . . she really was enjoying the scene and wanted to be there. Also, the great Jesse Jane performs a number of good performances, especially when she was paired with Evan Stone in a heated scene ending with a nice facial!

There’s quite a number of girl/girl and lesbian orgies, but one that was definitely worth describing is the first full-blown lesbian orgy starring the then-contract star Jana Cova lapping it up with the DP’s contract stars, Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, and Jesse Jane. This is a highly heated scene with tons of kissing, groping, licking, and fingering. If you are thinking of the mindless and mechanical lesbian action that you’ve seen in other videos, then think again because this is raw sexuality . . . there’s no faking it. In fact, they look very eager to explore and to consume the natural Czech juices of Jana Cova! I know I’ve said this before in the review, but Jana Cova will be missed.

In summary, Digital Playground spared no expense on this premium HD-DVD version of Island Fever 4. I am sure other companies will likely try to emulate what DP has been able to accomplish when they plan on ramping up their productions on HD-DVD or Blu-ray. This is a beautiful production set in Bora Bora, which should ease the stress from people’s day to day work. If you haven’t been exposed to the Island Fever series, you should expect well-captured sex with a “Playboy-type” or wholesome porn setting instead of the in-your-face gonzo cum-fart movies . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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    • February 5th, 2008


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    • April 5th, 2008


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    • December 7th, 2008


  1. Kinzie Kenner has totally sweet feet WHOOP! … great posts by the way! Keep it up

    • picaron
    • October 17th, 2010

    se ve muy buena

    • joege
    • November 29th, 2010


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