Exclusive Interview: August!

august-s.jpgThe SoCal gal with the perfect combination of German and Mexican genes has been an outstanding fixture in the adult film industry for almost seven years performing hot scenes like her recent scorcher in Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship X! Given that the average career in porn is less than a year, it’s amazing that she has lasted this long without suffering from burnout? What’s her secret . . . find out in my exclusive interview with August!

Prior to her entry into porn, August worked in an optician’s office where she toiled throughout the day earning meager wages. Waking up early and beating the morning traffic took a toll on her and even though she was getting by, she wondered if there was something more to life.

One day, she answered an advertisement requesting for lingerie models. But, after taking test shoots, the agent told her the nitty-gritty details of the job announcement . . . it was actually for hardcore. She took the plunge and the rest is history!

However, getting into porn and making an impact is not as easy as it seems as August admits she was ripped off at the beginning of her career like most fledgling starlets, but it’s a rite of passage. She learned from this mistake and has successfully navigated the treacherous porn environment from avoiding ‘snakes in the grass’, the ‘wrong crowd’, substance abusers, and others who like to dictate or control. Unlike talent who become pigeonholed into a ‘porn’ niche like a 10-man gangbang or dual anal, she likes to do a variety of work so she isn’t termed as being a ‘nasty girl.’ Also, she has avoided the gossip mill as she believes it’s better to ‘keep your mouth shut’ and let your performances do the talking.

As August had commented, you need to have a sturdy and strong mind to survive in the industry in order to set your own standards of comfortability, which aren’t dictated by industry’s demands. Her secret to her continued presence in the industry is taking breaks in between. August comments when she’s on vacation, she finds out that studios always inquire when she’ll be free for the next shoot. By taking breaks, she maintains her popularity among studios and decreases the possibility that a studio will tire of her. The final effect is that she has a steady stream of work since she prevents overexposure of her image as well as keeping her talent fee at a constant average level unlike the more recent talents that charge exorbitant fees.

When asked about the companies and directors she likes to work with, it’s without a doubt Jules Jordan. Although she likes doing gonzo movies because she mentions that ‘you are in and out in a couple of hours’ as opposed to features where most of the time ‘you are waiting on the set and having to deal with delays’. This is not to mean that she doesn’t like to do features because she admits that acting has the intrinsic value of being fulfilling. She prefers working for well established companies and directors that know what they are doing instead of ‘upstarts’ that don’t have a wealth of experience, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that she would turn down such an opportunity as she has worked with HushHush Entertainment and Gina Lynn Productions.

You may wonder that with all her popularity among fans and studios . . . why hasn’t she landed an exclusive contract with an A-list studio? She answers quite frankly that although she has been approached by companies, she has an issue with authority as she prefers to have some level of control of her everyday activities. Although, she sees the generalized advantages of having a contract such as having a set schedule and having high fees for feature dancing, there are disadvantages of always being watched by your ‘handlers’ and having to do frenetic store signings as stated in a contract. For, she’s not ready to make concessions. However, the only company that she would ever consider being an exclusive contract star is with Wicked Pictures.

In the years she has been in the industry, there have been a couple of key changes she has observed . . . one being High-Definition and the other is the health of talent. For the last two years, High-Definition has been hyped up as being the future of porn! But, many a pornstar have voiced their opinion against high-def, especially in gonzo. August acknowleges that HD is ‘ok when it comes to features,’ but shouldn’t be used for gonzo films as it ‘takes away from the perfect fantasy’ since it shows the flaws of women whether it’s wrinkles or cellulite. The industry has also made strides in protecting the health of talent. August recalls that when she first entered the industry, HIV tests [ELISA and Western Blot] were the only mandatory tests. Since then, tests for other STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have been included. She admits that it would be better if the STD testing would be expanded to include testing for HSV-1, HSV-2, and HPV, but she doesn’t see this happening in the near future like she doesn’t see a union for pornstars happening in the near future although she would be in favor of one.

When asked whether porn has gone mainstream, she responded with an emphatic ‘YES’! She proves her point by discussing how soft-core porn has infiltrated HBO and Cinemax slots. August strongly points out that ‘porn whether you like it or not is in your face everyday.’ Although porn has made strides in mainstream, August would prefer making more strides.

Although August is in the business of making fantasies, it’s just an illusion. With that in mind, she has admitted she has days when she has experienced unwanted attention, which she candidly recalls a recent Best Buy encounter. At the store, there was a man staring at her . . . who probably knew she was ‘August’ even though she was in normal clothes without any makeup. The scenario escalated when he was waiting for her at the parking lot, but luckily it didn’t go any further. It’s this kind of attention that freaks out talent in the industry, but it goes with the territory as it is true with mainstream Hollywood celebrities.

Since August is in her mid 20s, it’s around that time where she has to put her life in perspective. She’s content at the progress and success she has made in porn and acknowledges that retirement is ‘creeping up’. Although this may happen at some point in the near future, she has several back-up plans available to her like returning to the optical field, or becoming a make-up artist, or feature dancing. She admits that she cannot imagine being in any other industry other than porn because it’s fulfilling that she’s able to ‘fill a void in someone’s life’ whether it’s a lonely single person or whether it’s a couple that needs to rekindle the fire again!


FAVORITE MOVIE: There’s too many to choose from! I’ve done over 400 films!

FAVORITE MAINSTREAM MOVIE: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

FAVORITE CITY: Los Angeles, duh!


WILDEST PLACE(S) YOU HAD SEX: 1)In a movie theater when I was 16, I had full-on sex! 2)It just happened recently in a car, hehe!

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