Interview with the Director: Jazmin Jones


The Brits are coming, the Brits are coming!

Although the UK is known for influencing fashion to music from Burberry to Blur, Jazmin Media has picked up where Steve Perry left off in rejuvenating the UK adult film industry bringing her own sense of style, which has been influenced by over 15 years working in mainstream film and TV. With already three films under the company’s belt, Jazmin Jones & Marcus Lawson’s films have created a slick and polished style combined with contemporary erotic music without diluting its hardcore soul.

Unlike Steve Perry‘s UK gonzo-style, Jazmin is redefining the ‘erotic experience’ in a largely male-dominated industry by emphasizing style and substance through the use of top-tier European models in hardcore vignette storylines. Jazmin Media was initially established as a ‘creative challenge’ and neither of them envisaged it becoming the successful company it has become.

With the company’s alliance with Ninn Worx_SR, it has successfully brought this new style of UK erotica to the other side of the pond. Get ready for the second wave of the Brit Invasion into adult films!

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